Evangelism is a core value at Parkview. We reach out to others in ways that follow the Great Commission.

Locally… Hope House for Children
Hope House is a local home for children who need shelter, love, and support. The founder, Donna Lee Velvick-Lowry, was herself a child who was a victim of abandonment, abuse, neglect, and dysfunction. She fought through this and vowed that someday she would make a home for children who also needed help with these needs. In October 1973 this promise was fulfilled when her first child in need was brought to her home. Today this promise continues. Hope House serves many children with a loving staff, generous donors, and a loving God whose provisions are gratefully and humbly administered.

Regionally… Christian Church of Oregon/SW Idaho
Our regional outreach is to our women’s group for Oregon/SW Idaho. The Parkview women’s group was re-installed and re-organized in January 2017. We have, as a group, decided to support the missions outreach to Equador through the “Blessing Box” ministry. We are collecting our spare change in individual Blessing Boxes and sending the total collected to our regional office in Portland, Oregon. THe group the monies go to are missionaries who work with FEDICE, who help take care of economic, social and educational opportunities to indigenous, marginalized, and impoverished communities in Equador with the objective of empowering them to develop good business, social, and family practices. They use Luke 4:18 as their call from God to show His love, care, and desire for their hearts to be turned toward Him.

Globally… NNYM, National Network of Youth Ministries
Daryl and Donna Nuss is a wonderful dedicated family that has been serving Christ for several decades by working with youth by introducing them to Christ, praying with and for them, and listing for God’s leading in bringing them into leadership and full-time Christian service. They have joyfully and tirelessly served all over the globe in this capacity. Right now, they are based out of San Diego. Daryl works with local school principals and faith leaders to develop prayer groups with parents and students training them to provide healthy relationships in the schools and local communities. Donna helps train the young staff of CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) and they both humbly promote GOd’s love and call on individual lives.

Wycliffe Bible Translators
Alex Larkin (Integrated Translation Specialist to Peru) is a dedicated, well-educated young man who answered God’s call on his life to go and serve the Panoa Quenchua people of Peru. He recently completed his masters degree in applied linguistics and is preparing to serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators as a translation specialist. The 85,000 Panoa Quechua recently celebrated completion of their New Testament and are now hungry for God’s full revelation. Alex’s role is to help guide the ministry team through the next big translation process which is the Old Testament. He will then be able to help them be empowered to be engaged with the scriptures in new ways. When God’s Word is able to be read and heard in an individual’s own language and dialect they can clearly understand His love for them, His gift of salvation and His call on their lives. We are blessed that God has called us to participate in this life-changing work.